“Big sister Little sister” one of my proudest contributions!


“Big sister Little sister” one of my proudest contributions!

Years ago, I volunteered with
Challenge to Change

On a project called:
Big sister Little sister

Our target was
↳ Palestinian women in refugee camps in Lebanon

Our Goal was
↳ Mentor them to get stronger & able to enter the job market

This journey of empowerment included:

Soft skills training
English language enhancement
Career guidance and job applications

The transformation that happened was miraculous!

We saw vulnerable girls turning into powerful ladies ready for a better life!

I couldn’t ask for more!

My role as a trainer is not only to close a 6-fig deal

BUT… to
☑️ Build people and societies
☑️Create bridges between people & opportunities
☑️ Help achieve the 17 sustainable development goals

How do you see your role as a trainer, mentor and/or coach?
And what inspiring stories do you have to share?

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