Being a Youth Coach gave me a hard time being a Mom!


Being a Youth Coach gave me a hard time being a Mom!

People criticized & judged me
As they assumed I must be perfect

→ In their minds, a coach dealing with youth "can’t fail" as a mom!

But “perfect” does not exist....

This “toxicity” affected my relationship with my younger son big time.

I was raised in a family of highly educated members.

We were taught to avoid problems, stay in our comfort zone,
And seek academic excellence.

My eldest son followed our path

My youngest son was a REBEL!

School didn’t mean a lot to him

He was street-smart… Searching for
▪️ New things to try
▪️ New experiences to challenge
▪️ And status quos to change

He gave me the struggle of my life.

But I am grateful for him the most!

Because he taught me that I needed to UNLEARN:

▪️ Comparing him to his elder brother
▪️ Seeking for him the path that I chose in advance
▪️ Asking him to be like the rest of the family
▪️ Pushing him to stop trying new things and avoiding mistakes
▪️ Not accepting his choices in life
▪️ Being influenced by people’s judgments and the myth of the "perfect child"

The moment I did this UNLEARNING
My relationship with him improved dramatically.

Today, my son still gets himself into troubles sometimes, as any teenager searching for his identity,

I can’t stop him, and do not want to....

But the most important thing I gain is "TRUST". I became the first person he calls whenever he needs support or guidance. And for that I am grateful...
It is easier to build Strong children than repair broken adults.
Parenthood does not come with a guide, this is why moms and dads are fighters!

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