Tamakkan Youth Program

Tamakkan Youth Program


1. Youth Empowerment Program

Research led by Harvard University shows that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills, while only 15% of success is based on technical skills.

The Youth of today requires soft skills and the right emotional competencies much beyond the academic and vocational qualifications, to be the enlightened citizens of tomorrow. They need to consolidate their self-esteem and self-image besides continuous self-motivation to successfully deal with societal and peer pressure, handling criticism and bullying, facing failure, interpersonal conflicts, goal setting and achievement, and dilemma in making sound choices in a changing environment, to name a few.

Many of the Youth, who aspire to be successful in corporate or entrepreneurship, may face challenges, primary due to the lack of understanding of and behavior expected from them clear and detailed competencies. Leadership and life skills are considerate essential for the young job seekers and the ones who want to be entrepreneurs. The Youth needs to be empowered to have the necessary confidence to succeed in the college, work and life and take full charge of the future.

the mission of this program is to prepare our students to lead in academics, service, and civic engagement during school, college, and beyond.

It develops Leadership and Citizenship skills. Teenagers will explore citizenship, community development, personal development, and many other leadership-citizenship topics as they develop important soft and leadership skills. They will discover their potential and acquire the confidence and motivation to make things happen and bring about change.

Designed for teenagers and young adults, this comprehensive program will inspire and enable them to uncover their unique abilities, develop greater confidence and master strategies for success in the classroom and beyond. It aims at preparing a community of civically engaged young leaders through hands-on activities and real-life leadership opportunities.

Our Empowerment program will:
 Provide youth with a foundation of leadership understanding
 Equip them with the soft skills needed to become leaders
 Cultivate their desire to be community leaders
 Increase their self-efficacy in becoming civically engaged
 Assist them in developing the confidence to act in their schools, neighborhoods, counties, or any “community” in which they are part The four modules provided in the program includes milestones themes:

Module 1
 Public speaking, effective communication and active listening.
 Networking and powerbase.
 Respecting others while maintaining self-respect.
 Introduction to financial, economic, & entrepreneurship literacy
 Career development and orientation
 Civic literacy
 Bullying, cyberbullying, and hate speech.

Module 2
 Goal Setting, strategic and critical thinking, resilience and vision
 Appreciating diversity, teamwork and Team Building
 Displaying confidence, responsibility and self-discipline
 Introduction to financial, economic, & entrepreneurship literacy
 Career development and orientation
 Civic literacy
 Emotional and Social Intelligence

Module 3
 Problem solving and decision-making
 Negotiation and conflict resolution
 Integrity, honesty, and good judgment
 Introduction to financial, economic, & entrepreneurship literacy
 Career development and orientation
 Civic Literacy
 Digital Citizenship

Module 4
 Organization, strategy, creativity and innovation  Motivation, positivity and initiative.  Compassion, fairness, and patience
 Introduction to financial, economic, & entrepreneurship literacy
 Career development and orientation
 Civic Literacy  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

2. Workshops and trainings
We propose also workshops and trainings that are simple to understand, user friendly, and easy to recall because they are practical and expertly presented. They cover the following domains and skills:

 Career development, Orientation, Vision, and Personal Growth
 Problem Solving, conflict resolution, and decision making
 Goal setting, Strategic and Critical thinking
 Time Management, organization, prioritization and study skills
 Interpersonal Communication skills (Public Speaking and Active Listening, Networking and Powerbase)
 Emotional and Social Intelligence
 Appreciating diversity (Teamwork and Team Building)
 The power of Personal Branding
 Financial, economic, and Entrepreneurship literacy
 Civic Engagement and social Responsibility

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