Time Management Workshop

Time Management Workshop


Time Management and Stress Control Workshop

Why Attend
The aim of this course is to help participants become more efficient and effective in managing their life. Participants on this interactive course will explore various time management skills and stress management techniques to get better control and have a more positive impact on their life at the professional and social levels.

Course Methodology
This course relies on dynamic interactions between consultant and participants along with the use of various diagnostic tools, practical exercises, and group activities.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify time management challenges and assess their efficiency in managing their time
Explain the Time Mastery Profile® components and their use in better managing their time
Apply global personal effectiveness guides in order to improve their chances of success at work and in life
Analyze stress symptoms and their causes in order to identify their negative impact on mind and body
Implement stress management techniques in order to alleviate stress and lead a healthier and better life

Target Audience
This course is designed for all managers, supervisors and employees who wish to improve their management of time and reduce stress levels in order to enhance their performance at work and in life in general.

Target Competencies
Prioritizing and scheduling
Analyzing and planning
Setting goals and objectives
Decision making
Managing stress

Course Outline 

Time management challenges and assessment
o Definition of time management
o Time management challenges
o Modern time management
o Major time wasters
o Self-imposed time wasters
o System-imposed wasters
o Time management assessment

Time Mastery Profile® components
o Adopting the right attitude
o Setting smart goals
o Setting top priorities
o Conducting a rigorous analysis
o Preparing a successful plan
o Preparing a detailed schedule
o Avoiding continuous interruptions
o Planning efficient meetings
o Handling written communications
o Mastering the delegation process
o Avoiding the harm of procrastination
o Improving the use of team time

Global guides on personal effectiveness
o Practices of Successful People
o The Practices explained
o The circle of concern and circle of influence exercise
o Mindset: the new psychology of success
o Learning to fulfill our potential
o The mindset exercise
o The one thing
o The one thing rules: first set
o The one thing rules: second set
o The 10 natural laws of successful time and life management
o Part 1: managing your time
o Part 2: managing your life
o Getting things done
o Getting things done: simplified
o Getting things done: the cycle

Stress symptoms and causes
o Definition of stress
o Myths about stress
o Stress symptoms
o Categories of stress symptoms
o Causes of stress
o Your personal stress test
o Your current coping strategies

Stress management techniques
o Ways to deal with stress
o Emergency stress stoppers
o Other factors that reduce stress
o Exercise and diet
o Support network, attitude and outlook
o Emotional control and sleep

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